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Self Portrait

What does learning mean?

In my experience, learning is a lifelong process. It is increasingly difficult, the older I get, to pursue the things that I was once passionate about learning. In this storyboard, I tell the story of my passion for astronomy. In the first panel, a father shows his daughter the night sky while they sit in a tree in early spring. The next shows a teacher conducting a formal lesson on basic astronomy, and then the girl following a similar instruction style, but this time of her own work in the field at a school science fair. The third panel shows the same girl, now in college, making new headway in the field which she is able to do not only because of her intrinsic motivation to study the stars, but also her formal education in astronomy. The fifth panel is a scene we have all found ourselves in. Tired and overwhelmed by the minutia of everyday life, the girl gazes out the window at a beautiful night sky. The final panel shows the girl sitting in a fall tree, gazing peacefully up at the night sky. When it comes to learning, it can often be difficult to remember what made us want to learn in the first place. This illustration is meant to show that sometimes you have to go back to what got you started, and just go sit in a tree for a while.

Parable of the Five Monkeys: Illustrator. Cover draft sketch.

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